Friday, January 29, 2010

Urban Treasure Hunting

Ok, so it's not exactly treasure. In fact, our first find was just a sign-in sheet, but IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I think Kylie was beginning to doubt me when we couldn't find the first two caches, but you should have seen her eyes light up when I said, "I think I found it!"

After our first three geocachings, I am already noticing that some locations aren't the best spots for kids. Who wants to take their kid on a tour of a dumpster anyway? I don't even want to do that alone. But this one was great. It was an easy location to access, clean and isolated enough that passers-by don't eyeball you like you're looking for trouble.

So far, geocaching has my vote as a great family activity. The excitement of the hunt and finding new places that you may not have even known existed is so much fun.

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